How to Avoid Losing your BitCoins

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Fortune estimates that over 20% of BITCOINS are lost forever!

As BITCOIN continues to beat all records there are mixed global opinions on whether it’s just a massive massive bubble or, as the co founders of Facebook recently suggested, BITCOIN could disrupt gold and the action has only just begun.

Regardless, even a modest investment is not something to be taken light heartedly.

Buying a portion of a coin for £100.00 and putting it at the back of your mind isn’t much fun when 4 years later you realise that the coin is now worth £5,000.00 - and you’ve lost it!

Even technical experts have lost their Bitcoins

Not only that, the risk from theft is enormous.

Safely & Easily Manage your Cryptocurrencies

  • store and protect your BITCOINs and other Cryptocurrencies
  • avoid theft from hacking or social engineering
  • sell Bitcoin for sterling
  • share your wallet with your family or colleagues

Why Ringwood Internet?

Nick has worked on software engineering projects, helped secure the web servers at Queen Mary University London, and trained High Court Judges at the Royal Courts of Justice.


We are not offering investment advice or recommendations.

We are providing a strategy to avoid losing your Cryptocurrencies and ensure your spouse, family members or colleagues can still access your Cryptocurrencies in the event of incapacitation or such.

Reasonable computer or mobile phone/tablet capability required. If you are competent with online or mobile banking we can work with you.

Call 01425 689 242

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