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Stop Gmail Audio Notifications – Android

Stop Android Audio email notification alerts

To disable this unfortunate default setting:

  • Click the Gmail application icon (not the Samsung ‘Email’ bloatware icon)
  • Click the menu icon (top left)
  • Select an email account
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and select ‘settings’
  • Select a mailbox
  • Untick ‘Notifications’
  • Repeat for each mailbox

Remember to redo this if ever you clear the cache.


Android File Transfer

Because I can never remember how to transfer files from an Android Samsung S5 onto a Macbook Pro, this blog entry will remind me and help others in this unfortunate position.

It doesn’t work out of the box because of an MTP device cannot be mounted on the of a Mac. There are premium utilities but there’s another way.

Just install Android File Transfer on the Mac – and remember you’ve installed it for next time

and DO NOT INSTALL KIESKies bloatware will stop Android File Transfer from working! If you have installed Kies, download it again, and run the uninstaller.