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Web Application and Software Development - 2020

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We have 20 years experience in developing bespoke web applications
and in recent years mobile applications

Our mass of experience covers online ordering, automation of backend office processes and online booking systems.

We also have extensive experience in the property & real estate sector.

Our in depth Google Adwords training and exam, as well as 20 years SEO & marketing and conversion optimization, have given us strong sales and marketing skills. These are useful to you when building your apps which may need to generate additional revenue with emphasis on sales conversions.

Low overheads & operational efficiency mean: — You Save More & Get More
We're much better value than the large software houses & digital agencies, have the same skills, — and we're passionate about your project on a personal level

We are currently writing our latest apps as Rest APIs using Laravel for the backend and single page apps with AngularJS for the front end. This means that the apps do not need to be completely rewritten for mobile devices.

We are substantially cheaper than massive software houses or and our engineering background give us an edge over digital agencies.

In addition to our portfolio below, we have accepted or collaborated on out sourced projects from other companies.

We're current testing Google Glass for their app potential. Check our blog entry soon.

Nik Kerry Director, Ringwood Internet Ltd

Web Software Projects by Ringwood Internet

Goal: Increase Business Productivity, Reduce Operational Costs, Increase Customer Satisfaction, Make Business Information Quickly Available Internally, Limit Business Information to Appropriate Users.

Client was so delighted with the level of Increased Enquiries from our bespoke Free Letting Agent Software and marketing, that he commissioned Ringwood Internet to write the entire Letting Agent Management Software for his 3 branches and 15 staff.

Client was frustrated with existing proprietary letting agent software which was geared towards London flats and not houses.

Features: Match prospects to available property based on their preferences. Support ticketing system. Auto property upload to Rightmove, Globrix, Google Base, Prime Location etc (and client's own website). Automatically produce all documentation (export to PDF) for tenancies (new, amended, rolling, cancelled). Reports: Gas Safety, Electrical, late payments etc. Record all payments received.

Our client of over 11 years wanted to give their brochure website full real time online booking capabilities. And more importantly - completely automate their entire backend business processes. This reduced staff admin time, improved customer service and noticeably reduced postage costs.

Many of their competitors recently acquired the ability to allow their clients to book online, so it was important that Corfe Caste Holidays provided these features too. Clients didn't expect to wait for booking confirmation if a cottage is available or not. The internet has made everything instant and people expect instant notification.

  • We implemented real time booking calendar availability for each cottage.
  • The online booking form is dynamic. Certain cottages don't allow dogs but have open fires. Clients can only book what's applicable for a specific cottage.
  • Conversion Optimisation: The online booking form remembers state and has reduced screen clutter to increase conversion rate / reduce dropout rate. If a client gives up for any reason, assuming they have passed stage 1, they'll have received an email prompting them on how to complete their booking.
  • The backend dashboard allows the administrator to accept, reject, or amend bookings.
  • With the click of a button admins can email the client their booking confirmation and specific provide instructions for booked cottage.
  • Reminders for overdue payments can be printed, email or delivered via SMS with just one click.
  • End clients can log in and amend bookings and see their booking history.

The quantity of LAMP websites at Queen Mary University London had increased significantly over the past 10 years. Although the contact information for each website administrator and web developer was recorded in the web server config files, there wasn't a quick way to email maintenance and system notification to interested parties.

We wrote a PHP CLI script which parsed the .conf files of the LAMP stack for the administrator & web developer names and email addresses of all the websites. To keep things KISS these details were then populated into an SQLite database. By running the PHP CLI script, a system notification email is sent to the hundreds of interested parties.

Originally we tried integrating this with MS Office Mail merge to avoid reinventing the wheel, but MS Office lacks the features to completely personalise the email messages dynamically.

One software instance powers unlimited websites.

Our Client had lots of bespoke eCommerce websites for their clients which integrated with their bespoke ePos software. Each website had branched off so maintenance had become a major issue.

Working onsite with a software development company, we developed existing minor variations of bespoke ecommerce PHP software which integrated with client's customers' Epos tills.

Required to provide new features within short time period on legacy code. We wrote a new cloud ecommerce system (central code base (CCB)) integrated with client's customers' ePos tills. One code instance powered 25 ecommerce websites. Each website owner has full access to reskin site but the app was encapsulated / protected.

Each CMS page, layout & widget state kept full revision history in the database for historic audit trail. The new CCB is MVC structured and design documentation produced using Visio. Complex legacy features were imported into Legacy section for graceful degradation or provision for future rewrite.

Created a world wide property listing portal displaying property available for holiday rental.

Primary focus was the backend allowing property owners to upload their property and set custom price ranges based on their own defined periods.

Allows special offers (late deals), realtime availability calendar, currency conversion.

A clever design aspect was to record an address once in the database, but for multiple uses. IE, a rental property could be also be the owners correspondence address & billing address. Rather then duplicate data all correspondence items were recorded once, but with multiple uses against them.

Rehab Software Pro is a cloud Software as a Service application which enables chiropractors to produce bespoke exercise sheets for their clients.

This is a subscription based cloud service which enables chiropractors to undertake a trial of the service. If they don’t cancel, their subscription automatically advances into full membership.

Each chiropractor can manage their client list and email or print the bespoke exercise sheets.

To produce the bespoke plans, the exercises are listed in categories. The chiropractor double clicks a required exercise and it a preview of the A4 exercise is rendered. These can be reordered accordingly. It is possible for the chiropractor to amend the descriptions on a per client basis.

The administrator of Rehab Software Pro can manage the client list as well as the exercise images and descriptions.

Our client provided custom uniforms to a number of UK leisure centres each of which had between 5 - 50 branches.

The client required a bespoke online facility to enable his clients to order their uniform online. (Off the shelf apps didn't exist in those days). This was B2B existing account holders only, so the system didn't need to deal with payments, instead is just needed to automatically generated a Purchase Order.

The goal was to: Reduce Backend Office Administration, Increase Customer Service, Decrease Support Enquiries.

Each leisure centre branch had a unique area to log into to view their own bespoke staff uniform list.

The complexity here was that each garment is available in a number of different sizes and colours, eg a white t-shirt might be available in small, but not X Large, however red could be available in the latter.

To further Reduce Office Administration, we integrated the Purchase Orders with Sage Accounts. This saved members of staff a considerable amount of time - an Increase in Business Productivity.

This system worked really well during it's lifetime with no erroneous orders being placed.

Client was so happy with my bespoke intranet application that he moved his online ordering website development over to Ringwood Internet and commissioned a number of public ecommerce websites.

Our client required a bespoke online ordering intranet for their client eBay. The client provided eBay branded promotional products to eBay staff to give out. Each eBay department, ie ebay.fr, ebay.com, ebay.de, ebay.co.uk, ebay.ie etc would have their own intranet section where they see their own list of available personalised products. An automatic purchase order was produced.

Our first web app - and it worked for 10 years without maintenance!

Our client, a Language School, in Bournemouth, needed to keep track of student attendance records and payments received from their students.

Web browser applications were beginning to be “the way to go”. MS Access was a valid choice at the time but lacked the ability to allow users to work remotely. Plus, who really wants to develop in Access?! Java Server pages would massively increase cost, slow down development as well as adding unnecessary complexity.

So we settled for a web application in PHP & MySql.

Considering how early in the days of the internet this application was written, We're delightfully surprised to learn that this application was still in use in Spring 2013! It's only had 1 minor update in all this time.

bhlocal.com was the first local business directory covering the BH postal code, in 2000.

We started with a portal which automatically generated HTML pages via a script and exported data from a MS Access database.

We found uploading a database with 12,000 records on dial up (remember, this was the dark ages), was increasingly error prone (and tedious). We migrated to a dynamic ASP database driven website. This drastically increase internal business productivity.

Often a legacy app has outlived it expectations and there is no budget or reason for a complete rewrite. Yet, PHP needs upgrading, the server environment has changed - what can you do?

For new PHP developers, maintaining a legacy 10 year old app can be like learning a new language. But not for us. For 20 years we've been writing PHP apps so are confortable with upgrading or refactoring legacy PHP applications.

Security is a common issue on neglected legacy apps. There are server and firewall settings which can help secure the server without ploughing though the often undocumented mess.

Refactoring part of the legacy application is also possible. We have previously refactored the main functionality and left the rest as it was. A massive cost saving compromise.

Before the days of Magento and the huge range of quality off the shelf eCommerce platforms available today, every capable web company would write their own eCommerce solution.

We were no exception. There were lots of open source options available, but they user interface generally let them down.

Our eCommerce solution powered 15 websites at one time and 2 are still going today.

Key functionality: advanced custom pricing based on Qty and product attributes (size, colour).

Our admin area UI was clean, simple uncluttered, and contained automation to make it as quick and easy as possible to administer the website catalogue.

We have written numerous Wordpress plugins having used Wordpress as a CMS platform to extend it's default functionality.

We are also writing commercial marketing place Wordpress plugins for Rightmove.

Software Development Technologies

Ringwood Internet are proficient with the following web software application methodologies and technologies:

Design Agile, UML, Visio, Prototyping, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Design Patterns
O/s Redhat, CentOS, Ubunto, OS X, CLI
Hosting LAMP, MAMP, WAMP, Cloud, Dedicated, DNS, Zend Server, WebMin, VirtualMin, SSL, Amazon Ecosytem
Front End (UI) UX, HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS
Backend OO PHP, MVC pattern frameworks, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend Framework 2 (ZF2), Laravel, REST Apis, API integration
Payment gateways: PayPal, SagePay, ePDQ, WorldPay, BitCoin
Unit Testing PHP Unit
Databases MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite
Version Control GIT, BitBucket

You'll want to remember us: » Download this web page as a PDF »

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